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About us

The fashion industry is broken. We’re fixing it.


Thanks for stopping by.

It’s probably because you are interested in sustainable fashion. Maybe you were shopping around to find some clothes that haven’t been treated with polluting chemicals. Or at least find a brand that gives a bit more info about how their clothes have been made. What fabric is it made of? Where was the textile produced before it’s label proudly exclaims “made in Italy”?

We hope you are that critical.

We hope that, like you, more people start asking where things come from, how they were made, and did the people making them get a decent pay and safe working environment?

Here at Re-volt, we don’t have all the answers, but we’re getting there.

We are Janice and Tim, and a year ago we met on Tinder. Instead of romance, it turned out we both loved sustainable fashion and decided to start a company. We called it Re-volt.

Re-volt wants to inspire people to buy better clothes. We want people to revolt against the stupidity of fast fashion brands. They make poor quality and try to sell it to you as if it’s the best thing ever.

They cheat with their low sales prices to you, by squeezing the people who make it in some far-flung country which no one notices anyway. They hide from you the chemicals used to treat and colour the clothes you bought. People should revolt against that. People should stand up and demand proper quality.

We want to give an alternative to that.

All our clothes are made with fabrics that have a GOTS or OEKO-TEX certification. All our packaging is recycled or can be recycled. And for all our supporting activities we try to reduce CO2 footprint down to zero. For example, the website you’re reading right now is hosted by on renewable energy.

And above all that, we try to make clothes that look good on you. We try to design fashion pieces for the modern woman who is busy and stylish. She doesn’t follow too many trends but wants to appear chic and sophisticated in every setting; at work, at home, among friends, and whilst travelling.

Slowly but surely, we want people to buy better clothes; better for the world we live in, and better for those wearing them.